Sports and Healthcare

Calcium PH

Food supplement with calcium and sweetener. Mineral needed to form and maintain bones and teeth.


Ibuprofen 50mg/g gel

Magnesium PH

Magnesium 300 mg

Sports and Healthcare

Cold & Flu


Honey alleviates airways.
The eucalyptus and thyme relieve loaded lungs and congestion in airways.

Singrip PH

All these natural products contribute to the health of the immune system of our body.


Indicated for the symptomatic treatment of cough that does not go with expectoration (irritative cough, nervous cough).

Cold & Flu

Multivitamins PH

It is a combination of vitamins for situations in times of physical exertion or weakness.

Potassium + Magnesium PH

Potassium 500 mg

Magnesium 150 mg

Cold & Flu

Cold & Flu


It is indicated in adults for relief of symptoms of colds and flus with fever or mild to moderate pain, stuffy and runny nose.

Vitamina C + Zinc

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects the body's cells, activates the immune system, reduces tiredness and fatigue.


Amedyn Gel Bath

Amedyn bath gel is formulated with herbal ingredients for the hygiene and care of all skin types male.

Amedyn Nourishing Cream

Amedyn Repairing Nourishing Cream is a cream for daily care of all types of men's skin.